How To Make A Moisturising Beeswax Bar

Apologies, again for not posting in a millennium. I wonder how many more times I will apologise, for that same reason. Anyways, into the post. I decided to make a slightly different tutorial to my normal ones. I decided to do a cosmetic tutorial. This beeswax bar is quick and easy to make, with very few ingredients. It is good for your skin, and doesn’t … Continue reading How To Make A Moisturising Beeswax Bar

Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Bendy When You Aren’t Flexible

Hello! Firstly, apologies for not posting in a while… Anyways. Here goes: There are so many tutorials on the internet, on how to get flexible, but I had several problems with those. The main one was that all the people (who I found) who were doing the tutorials were really flexible themselves, so it was easy for them to do splits, and other skills. I … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Bendy When You Aren’t Flexible

Train Tickets

Okay. This post is  kind of an experiment, really. I was in need of some WW2-style train tickets, for a re-enactment/LARP-type thing. I searched all over the internet, but found nothing. I decided to take the time, to make some, myself. I am hoping I’m not the only person, out there, who finds home-made train tickets enjoyable.  😀  Anyways, here goes: So, anyways. The little … Continue reading Train Tickets

Mango & Apricot Smoothie

Helloooo! This is my first blog post in a while, so please excuse the rustiness! This is such an easy recipe, and it is more of a source of smoothie inspiration, for your own inventions, than it is a set of instructions. I will start with: Ingredients (makes about a pint): Handful-and-a-half of mango cubes (I -as usual- used frozen ones) 6 apricots (without the … Continue reading Mango & Apricot Smoothie