Chuck It In Slow Cooker Stew

Serves 8 for 2 meals.


1.2kg cubed beef braising steak

3 handfuls of pearl barley

2kg of casserole veg (I used 2 bags of ready-prepared frozen casserole veg, which I defrosted the night before, so that the slow cooker was not too cold)

2 bouquet garni bags

3 beef stock cubes

700g of passata

I used a Prestige 6.5 litre, a bit like this one:


1)Put vegetables at bottom of slow cooker, add meat as the next layer, add bouquet garni and crumbled stock cubes. Pour on passata, add equivalent volume of water as in a passata jar full.

2) Stir, put on lid.

3) Cook for 4 hours of high.

4) Sprinkle on pearl barley, and stir.

5) Cook for 4 more hours on high, unless it looks done sooner.

6) Serve with a green vegetable and potatoes, if you see fit.




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