Bonbon Crochet Hook Case


I have no clue what make the wool is, as it was passed on to me, without the label. The only description I can give is knobbly.


Will fit most crochet hook lengths.


Something like this:  13 sts and 11 rows per 9cm x 7cm (along x down). If none of that makes sense, or looks wrong, then just ignore it, and use DK wool, or something along the lines of that.


2 colours of DK size wool.

4.5mm hook

darning needle

2 buttons (optional)

Sewing needle (optional with buttons)

Thread (optional with buttons)


ch: chain

tr: treble crochet

dc: double crochet

rem: remaining

rep: repeat

st: stitch

ss: slip stitch


I plan to re-make this pattern, someday, because there are a lot of problems.


Main Piece:

ch 31

Row 1: dc into 2nd ch from hook. Dc into rem st, turn . (30)

Row 2-33: ch 1, dc into every st, turn. (30)

Row 34-36: ch 3, tr into every st to end, turn. (30)

Fasten off.

Sides (make 2)

End is worked without turning.

ch 3, ss into 1st st.

Round 1: dc 6 times into loop. Ss into 1st st. (6)

Round 2:dc twice into every st. Ss into 1st st. (12)

Round 3: dc twice into every st. Ss into 1st st. (24)

Round 4: *dc into 1st st, 2 dc into next st* rep from * to end. Ss into 1st st. (36)

Round 5-6: dc into every st. Ss into 1st st. (36)

Fasten off.

Ties (Optional) make 4:

ch 32

Fasten off.

To make up, attach the ends onto the main piece, as shown in the picture, along with the ties/buttons:

Dc a hem around edges, in a different colour. (In the picture there is no hem around the flap, you could do one around it, though.)


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